Here’s where I’m at...

...the final revision of my new book The 5 AM Club is done and the book has been submitted to my publisher.

I needed to put my focus onto a new project so I started going through video footage that I shot for you on a recent trip to the island paradise of Mauritius, as I swam with dolphins, flew in a helicopter and walked the beaches...

...I even caught a rare double rainbow!

...I made sure I injected some powerful learning insights to help you make some QUANTUM leaps in your life and the end result, early viewers say, is one of the most valuable adventure videos I’ve ever recorded.

It’s called The Daily Genius MasterClass: Productivity, Prosperity + Humanity Habits of The Great Ones

I worked really hard to make this special for you so definitely watch the whole thing.

Members of the majority can’t study something for more than a minute these days, before they go on to search for the next dancing dog video or celebrity selfie. Yikes! :)

...Be different. Your genius is worth it.

Go ahead and watch the whole film here:

Watch Video

In my new adventure video, you’ll learn:

  • how the greatest women and men of the world stay optimistic, creative and joyful
  • why being a misfit + oddball + eccentric is a gift of genius 
  • awesome ways to multiply your productivity and service to society starting today
  • the way my billionaire clients grow their Mindsets, Heartsets, Healthsets and Soulsets to fuel outer empires that stand the test of time

My new adventure video is an absolute must-watch so go ahead and study it now before it comes down.

Hope all this free content I prepare/produce/deliver and offer is helping you defend your brilliance and maximize your greatness.

Love + Respect,


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