Impact belongs to the misfits.

The brave and eclectic souls who see possibility amid naked negativity.

The ones who chase down their loftiest ambitions with a stubborn faith in their greatest ideals—in the face of noisy trolls telling them what can’t be done.

Innovation belongs to the women and men who see what all see, yet think what few think.

Those who place artistic integrity above a passion for profit. And that release their poetry even when it breeds no applause.

The everyday heroes willing to battle self-doubt, personal demons and so-called pundits who lecture them on the unreasonability of their desires and the hopelessness of the very dreams that most whisper to their heart.

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Tribal congruity versus the approaches and rituals of eccentricity.What's tribal congruity about? Well, I can predict your success if you're following the crowd. You look atInstagram, you look at Facebook, you look at the social media, you look at society, you follow old-school media right now, most people don't think for themselves. So, you can lead or you can follow. You can't do both.Most people do not lead or think for themselves. Okay? They eat at the restaurants everyone's eating at even if they don't like the food because everyone's eating at that restaurant. They have the clothes the cool people or the celebrities have. They work in a way that most people work.So, that's what I mean by tribal congruity. We are all tribal. We grew up on the Savannah. Okay? We were parts of tribes and herds, and what happened is we developed a psychology and  a neurobiology that if we left the herd, we would die. So, we would be eaten by sabertoothed tigers. We would die of starvation.So, we have survived by developing a brain where we have this pull to fit in, but you can fit into the crowd or you can do genius-level work and change the world. You can't do both. So, I can predict your success by the amount of time you are plugged into living and following and thinking like everyone else.

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