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The moment you think you're amazing is the moment you lose the very mentality (and spirit) that made you amazing.

I’ve been deep into studying Bruce Lee recently.

Been discovering his “Be like water” philosophy, his obsession with mastery and his love of poetry. [Listened to his daughter Shannon recite a poem Bruce Lee wrote to his wife Linda on a podcast last night; beyond profound].

One of the separation points that made this titan of wisdom + legend of the martial arts so very special was his utterly relentless practice regime.

Brutal, in some ways.

The way Lee rolled was to never believe he was a master. Continue to be a learner. And to always think like a beginner.

See, the moment you think you’re amazing is the moment you lose the very mentality (and spirit) that made you amazing.

On the arrival of uncommon success, the human tendency is:

–For humility to become eroded and arrogance to creep in.

–To lose the fire that got you into The 5 am Club, kept you pushing to be the best + moved you to persist against all that fear could put in your way.

–To rest on your laurels and fall into the seduction of thinking that what made you successful will keep you successful.

And so, as you navigate your rise to world-class:

–At a flower-filled hideaway in a desert valley, I shot this natural video off my phone explaining The Titan’s Decline concept that has helped many of the ultra-performers I work with avoid “the catastrophe of success”.

Just watch this short video where I explain everything.

Hope this really helps you not only scale your success but also dial-in on how to sustain it for many decades to come.

Own your Craft. Live your Genius. Lift our World.

With vast encouragement,

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