Hope you're great. May I please ask you a quick question?

...have you ever considered how powerful a single hour is?

As humans, we fall into the rut of thinking it takes months and years to accomplish heroic feats. And make our lives worthy.

Yet...in only 60 minutes...you can...

...forgive the person you’ve been resenting for the past ten years.

...help a child in need or uplift a hurting friend.

...go for the first walk that eventually leads to the winning marathon.

...watch a documentary on a person that moves you to restructure your habits.

...start the journal that keeps your boldest dreams.

...commit to launching the business you’ve always known will raise the world.

...deconstruct your ten year plan so you stop living reactively and start living with deep concentration on the few things that matter.

My list could go on. Yet, you’re smart and wise and good. So you get my drift.

Don’t put off your genius and greatness to a time in the future where everything is perfect. That moment will never come. Begin now. Over the next hour. Please.

I’d love to help you play at your absolute best, in this era of immense upheaval. And so...

...I’m super excited to share that I’ve created a robust new audio program called The Victory Over Difficulty Anthem.

...I’m even happier to share that I’m giving it to you for free [even though it has a $95 value]. I’m doing this to celebrate your promise and to honor your gifts. You’re going to find this audio program really helpful to stay strong, positive and excellent during the pandemic.

Get my new audio program for free here.

Wishing you all my best. This is your time. Stay positive and productive and peaceful.

Love + respect,


P.S. Regarding the massive global interest on the release date of my new book [it's almost done!], my publisher has asked that the date not be made public yet...

...the manuscript is in the copy editing stage and we really want to get everything right before it’s ready to be sent out into your hands.

...we are working tirelessly. I thank you for all the encouragement and your patience with me taking so long to complete the work.

...I pray you find the new book deeply helpful and valuable. Thank you.

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