Given that the best Leaders Without Title focus their best resources on their biggest opportunities (uber-practical formula for you right there), what’s your Big 5? What are the Big 5 opportunities/projects/actions that if you did them staggeringly well, you’d move your career/company/reputation to a whole new level of excellence?

Nice exercise for you to do with your team/family/Self. If you’re really serious about getting to world-class, write them down on a card. Read the card every morning. While standing in line. Before you go to sleep. Can’t hit a target you can’t even see. And clarity precedes mastery.

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You see, you ask most people, you ask average performers, what are your top five visions, or what are your top five values, or what's your big five for this year? Or, what do you want your life to stand for? Or, what are the five things that make you happiest? Or, what are the three foods that fuel your energy? Or, who are the seven people you would most like to meet to lift your game so you own your marketplace? And they'll say, "Hmm, great question. I don't know." And the point is simply this. Vague thinking leads to vague production. I'm going to say that again because it's so important. Vague thinking leads to vague production. And so clarity breeds mastery. So the first reason to journal, write about your day, write about your ambitions, write about what you just learned from that wonderful... I had a mastermind conversation with a friend a few days ago. And, after that I sat down for probably three hours with my black journal and I wrote, I think it was 23 learning points that I received from that mastermind. And so that organizes my thinking, and it breeds incredible levels of clarity. And with better clarity you can make better decisions in your business life and in your
personal life, and with better decisions, you're going to see these better choices. So the
first reason I encourage you to journal is it'll organize your thinking.

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