Leadership [and personal greatness] is less about a title and more about a decision...

...to use this crisis to ascend in mastery, creativity and service to many. [To not, will be to miss the greatest opportunity of your lifetime].

So keep your focus trained on the many opportunities to bulletproof your mastery, grow a business that serves more people and live a life that’s more creative, joy-filled and kind.

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Start the interior work of self-mastery to fill the holes, so your Mindset, Heartset, Healthset, and Soulset are full. Then you'll feel joy at when you wake up every morning and you'll work not for the money, but for the meaning. You'll create with a fire in your belly that will make you undefeatable. It's not because you're pursuing income. It's because you're pursuing impact, and craft, and love of you honoring the genius within you. Do you see what I'm referring to? Your outer life, you still might work hard. I love working hard. I love it, but I'm not doing it for the money. I'm doing it because of who I am. I have to write. I have to serve. I have to use the rest of my life to be an instrument of impact for as many people as possible.

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