We all experience seasons in the wilderness where we feel alone, confused, and challenged.

Yet, please remember that turbulence is necessary for transformation. And things must fall apart for things to be built up in a greater way.

The suffering will morph into strength. The wounds will grow into wisdom. The volatility will—eventually—yield a more decent humanity.

All change really is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master knows is the butterfly,” wrote Richard Bach.

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Clarity comes from confusion. Nietzsche said it so well, he said: "Chaos gives birth to dancing stars." So whether you're an entrepreneur scaling your business, please understand you will reach a plateau of your growth. And if you push to the next level, the way you get there is through the process of messiness and confusion. There's nothing wrong, everything is right. Confusion means you're growing. If you are an athlete and you're at a certain plateau of your sport, your acumen, your game.Please understand the things now must break down to break through it. Let's say you're a marathoneror a boxer, or a yogi, or a swimmer. You're going to reach a certain level through your practice and your study, and your devotion, and your commitment. And then if you want to get to the next level of world-class, you're going to have to break down things, your core beliefs, your muscles, your emotional architecture. Even on the physical side, your muscles need to break down. It's called micro-tearing. The muscle will break down, then you rest it. And then when you recover, guess what happens? Your muscle is stronger.That is growth. In your personal relationships, you're going to get to a certain plateau. And then what's going to happen if you want to get to your next level of understanding and commitment and love? You're going to have to tear things down. That is not wrong. That is the process of rising to legendary. And so the A-players and the legendary leaders understand that in business, in your physical life, in your relationship life, in your spiritual life, in your financial life breakdown is necessary for breakthroughs. A lot of the philosophers say the very nature of growth means you will endure a lifetime series of cycles. Lifetime of death and rebirth.I consistently go through a lot of personal change because I am consistently committed to massive and exponential personal growth in my mindset, heart-set, health-set and soul-set. That's just what I've signed up for in this lifetime. And someone asked me earlier this week, "How long do you think is constant series and cycling confusion, clarity, disruption, linear life will go on for?" And I said, "Probably the remainder of my life. Because I understand that things must die for better things to be born. Things must fall apart for new structures to be installed." And so I hope this has been helpful to you because at my live events or when I meet people, a lot of people come up to me as I travel the world and they share wonderful stories and they're very generous to me and they say,"Well, I'm going through a lot of confusion right now. What should I do?"And I see it even on some of the social media comments. And I just wanted to shoot this episode to say that's phenomenal, celebrate it. It's a gift that you're going... And this is, you're going to have to hack the dominant mindset of our culture and understand, please, that you know what? Confusion is nothing more than growth unfolding.

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