Consistency is the mother of mastery and persistency is how you get to legendary.

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Hi, it's Robin Sharma. I am so full of fire to record this audio for you. It's about one of my core brain  tattoos that is central to my philosophy on becoming legendary, and it is consistency is the mother of mastery. Now, consistency sounds like a very obvious idea. Someone says, "Hey, you're consistent." You say, "What? That's not really that impressive a compliment." But when you really think about it, why do you go to your favorite restaurant? It's because the servers or the food or the experience is consistent.Why do you associate with the same people? Well, if they're the right people, they're consistent.They're always positive. They're always learning. They're always holding themselves to better standards. They're always being candid with you. How do you build consistency? Well, it goes back to my Four Interior Empires model that I share in my latest book, The 5 AM Club. Mindset, Heartset, Healthset, and Soulset.  As you develop yourself, you become more consistent.

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