I’ve been sharing more and more of my personal backstory on Instagram over the past few months.

I just believe that the more you know of my very simple beginnings, early struggles and general disappointments as well as the remarkable tools I’ve discovered to leverage all these “gifts of growth” into ‎massive wins, the more you’ll become electrified to get your giant dreams done.

And with a fresh year in front of you, this is a phenomenal time to cause some revolutions of improvement within your life…

When I was a young litigation lawyer, I lacked true meaning in my life. Every day just looked–and felt–the same.

Same commute. Same people. Same lunch. Zero fire + passion + mission.

Alive but not awake…‎know what I mean?

…I was a success in society. And an acute failure to myself. [Nothing hurts as much as the pain of potential unexpressed].

I had nice things. But lacked great thoughts.

I was making a good living. Yet missing out on a great life…

…One of the KEY moves I made to completely turn my mindset [and my healthset, heartset and soulset, three new words I’ve introduced to my work over the past months] was investing in personal development.

I mean REALLY discovering how to maximize my thinking, energy, willpower and ‎confidence so I could x25 my creativity, productivity, audacity and impact on the world.


–No one ever taught me that the brain is like a muscle [neuroscientists call the phenomenon neuroplasticity] and that if I did a few simple things each morning, I’d leap from a negative thinker to an optimistic producer.

–No one ever explained to me that the real secret of amazing performers like Mozart, Jobs, Tesla, Oprah and Messi isn’t some “otherworldly gift” but a series of daily practices, when done consistently, generate genius-level outcomes. [The brilliant research of Anders Ericsson of Florida State University speaks so beautifully to this].

–No one ever shared with me the “habit hacks” that easily allow everyday people to wire in peak routines like rising at 5 am, ‎staying strong when we feel scared, doing work that leads the field and being a kind/generous human being [in a world that needs us all to rise up to this].

So I figured out the methods of mastery myself…

…Each night while most of my friends partied or watched TV, I’d read. I’d study the biographies of the best. I’d deconstruct the mentalities of the masters. I’d pour over the science of happy people and heroic leaders [I was a scientist before I became a lawyer, majoring in Biology in University].

Long story short: A few years ago I put the most powerful insights, strategies and tools into an online program designed to do ONE thing…

…To make a new year the single best year the user of this course has ever had in their life.

Since I launched Your Absolute Best Year Yet, many thousands of people just like you have gone through the training with remarkably great results. [The hundreds of testimonials from wildly delighted customers fuel my heart; my life’s obsession is provoking transformation].

…Some members have made the life changes they never seemed to be able to make.

…Others have multiplied their health and shifted from apathy to happy.

…Others have used the course to grow awesome companies, build fortunes and elevate industries.

…Some have leveraged what they’ve learned in this course to significantly make their mark on the world. [Income without impact is an empty victory, yes?].

Anyway, I would truly love to help you make 2017 the greatest year of your life yet, BY FAR.

Please know registration for Your Absolute Best Year Yet will soon close [SORRY but the program is starting].

I’m so sure of how powerful and transformational this online course is I’ve put all of the risk of you‎ testing it out on my shoulders…

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