Let go of all toxic influences. You can own your craft and change the world. Or you can chill with energy vampires and hang with dream stealers.

You can’t do both. The reality is not everyone is meant to travel with you all the way to the end.

People who don’t get you, demean your dreams, mock your ambitions and pour negativity on your abundant positive energy need to go. If you’re serious about standing in the glory of the full expression of your genius.

And serving the world unusually well.

Also release all addiction to the news, messy workspaces and following people on social media who speak to the worst of human nature.

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Protect the things that make you strange. Protect your authenticity. Protect the gifts that life has hardwired into you, they're not bad, they're awesome. Protect your differentness. Protect your eccentricities, and then find people just like you, who get you. If you don't vibe with a tribe, then that's not the person for you. 

One of the things I've done in my life that's really, really helped me is I basically released the energy vampires. I've basically let go with great love and respect of the dream stealers. And my entire life is pretty much, this is not a science it's an art so it's not perfect, but I've pretty much just got people around me they get me, they get my eccentricities. They understand the science and the neuroscience and the elite performance research between all of the rituals that I run, how I structure my life and they get me and they celebrate me and they vibe with me and the energize with me. We are all, professionally, a bunch of leadership missionaries in hot pursuit of changing the world in our own unique way.In my private life, I've got fun, loving, high integrity, high creativity, people who understand me and who lift me because I lift them and we just have fun and we're creative and we're passionate and we protect ourselves from the negativity that's out there and you can do it too.  And I just want to say, I love you.  And I hope this episode has been real and authentic and valuable, and I've touched on a lot of points.

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