Hard gets such a bad rap. ⁣

Yet when it comes to a project or a workout or a relationship or a life, in my experience it is the doing of that which is difficult that delivers the most valuable results. Elite performers, therefore, practice enjoying the doing of difficult things. ⁣

Consistently embrace the activities that are hardest. Eventually, the hard things become easier. Because we’ve made ourselves stronger.⁣

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Do hard things daily. And I want you to think about this one really intimately right here, right now. When you get up every day, are you on the path of least resistance? Someone said to me on one of my social feeds the other day, "Robin, I've read The 5AM Club, loved the information, full of energy to get it done. But I need to tell you, it sounds very easy, it's much harder to do in real life."

Well, what is this love we all have in this world we live in of things needing to be easy? Society has sold us a bill of goods. Everything should be easy. We should transform our health with one quick pill. A great relationship should happen in a month. And if we don't have a magical relationship, if we're not all in love and wonder, then we should leave the relationship. If we're at a job. Anything that's worth doing is challenging at first. And if we're in a job, oh, after three months, if it's not the job of my lifetime, we leave it. In a relationship, if it's not perfect, we leave it. If we want to upgrade our health. "Oh, I've been at it two weeks. Oh, you know what? It's really hard. I need to stop my journey to world-class fitness."

What's my point? My point is simply this. Anything great you will ever do in your life is hard. And so are you living every day... Let me ask you right now in this moment I am blessed to share with you. When you get up in the morning, when you go through your day, when you construct your evening routine, is it all around the path of least resistance? Is it all about pleasure? Is it all about fun? Are you a master of easy, or are you doing what the very few do on the planet today? As you know, one of my core brain tattoos is, to have the results 95% of the population do no thave, you've got to commit to doing what only 5% of the population are willing to do. And what the titans do, what the virtuosos do, what the exceptionalists do, they build their days around the pursuit of difficult things. And if you do that, here's what happens. You're going to build momentum. And if you do that, each day will be a platform for growth. But even more importantly, how do you build self-respect? It's by doing difficult things.

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