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Blaming others is removing responsibility for yourself. And we grow as leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, human beings, the moment and the day we stop blaming our parents or our past or people who hurt us or our bosses or our children or whatever, or the economy or the country, every time you recite some blame and make an excuse. You actually amplify it in your imagination. What I mean by that is every time you speak out an excuse of blame and you're giving away your power and you're becoming weaker, you're actually giving the external things that you blame your power. 

How do you take your power. back? You stop using the language of victimhood and you use the language of heroism. And that starts with believing you are the hero, you're waiting to see. It starts by absolute personal responsibility. The mirror test is what I'm suggesting. You look in the mirror and you say, why am I not producing mastery? If that's one of your limitations or why don't I have enough time freedom? Or why don't I have the relationships I want?  Or why is my health in a decrepit state versus a magnificent state? You look at what's not working in your life and rather than blaming and coming up with excuses, which if you keep on reciting them, you're going to actually believe they're true because human beings are really good at brainwashing ourselves, by what we think and how we feel and the ways we talk and the ways we operate. So APR, absolute personal responsibility, related to that is KMF, another acronym I love and teach to my high-level clients, which is keep moving forward. 

Angela Duckworth's research from University of Pennsylvania on grit and persistence as a key formula for world-class performance is very, very valuable. And then a new acronym, which is NSG, NSG has nothing to do with MSG.  And that's never stopped growing.

I mean, when I work with the best of the best, the Fortune 100 CEOs and teams, clients of ours, such as Starbucks and Oracle and Nike and IBM and Barrick gold.

And it just goes on and on for my 24th year here in the leadership and personal mastery field. And when I just work with the NBA superstars and the film heroes and all the great women and men that I've been blessed to serve as their mentor, what I realize is one thing they love to grow. They love to learn. They never lose, I believe it was Einstein who said, "Never lose your holy curiosity." Education is the game-changer. When you invest in your learning, you can see around corners, you collapse the timeline, you figure out how the pros do it. So guess what, you can do it.

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