Every Leader Without a Title and world-class productive runs toward what they are most resisting versus toward the exit door. They feel the fear of tackling a game-changing project and do the project anyway. They acknowledge the sweaty palms before the high-stakes presentation, and give the presentation anyway. They experience the runaway heartbeats accompanying asking for the biggest order in the history of their company, and they ask anyway. And that’s what makes them great. 

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Have the guts to put yourself in scary places. Now, I'm a skier, and a few years ago, I gave myself a really heroic challenge for me, which was to go from being an amateur to being a professional. Now, I'm not the greatest professional on the planet, but I gave myself a goal because vague goals give vague results.

So I gave myself a specific goal. Become a level one ski instructor. And so I went to New Zealand to practice, and I went to Latin America. I went down to Argentina to practice. And here's what I did. I put myself in scary places. I put myself in places and on mountains, and yes, I hired a professional to take care of me and to teach me and to make sure it was safe. But I put myself in scenarios, and I allowed myself to even heli-ski, which was one of the scariest things I've ever done. 

It was a beautiful day in New Zealand, and we were in Queenstown, and I was, we were with these skiers who were so much better than I was. But I put myself in a situation where I got into a helicopter, and the helicopter dropped five of us on the top of a New Zealand mountain. Now, I've got to tell you, I had very little experience in powder. I'm a non-powder skier, and the people I skied with, I don't think they knew that. Because when you ski in powder, it's a fundamentally different medium than skiing in the kind of snow that I've skied on for 15 or 20 years. And I put myself in a situation where I'm on the top of the mountain, I'm not a very good powder skier, but I understood that we get stronger in the difficult places. And it's on the tough runs as a skier that you are really brought to your jagged edges of your capability.

And here's the key idea, I want you to rewire as a dominant belief because you're an A-player. We get stronger on the tougher runs. You see, the thing about a master is they always want to put themselves into situations like a beginner. And what I'm suggesting to you and actually asking you to do today, if you really want to breed novelty, high energy, great creativity, more productivity, you want to put yourself in scary places. What is your metaphorical mountaintop? What is the project that you are most resisting? Because that is the one that contains your greatest growth. What is the conversation you're most avoiding with a teammate, with an intimate partner, with another family member? Because there your growth lies, and the whole journey of mastery is not about ease. This society says do the easy things. 

But you know what? Every victim, every 95% or every average producer loves doing what's easy. They watch the TV. They have the easy conversations. They take the easy projects. They live an easy life. And that's a recipe for disaster when you get to the end of your life because few things will so destroy your spirit as a life minutely lived.

And if you really want to awaken your best self, if you really want to be a titan of your field, if you really want to rise to personal mastery, then you absolutely must, on a daily basis, at least once every few days, put yourself in those scenarios where you get frightened. Right? And I'm here to tell you, being scared is not a sign of being weak. Being scared is a sign of your highest growth coming to get you. It's very brave to be in places that allow your insecurities to come up because as your insecurities come up, you can deal with them. And here's the real key. You get really good by practicing going to the places that terrify you. The pain and fear and insecurity start to get smaller, and you start to grow. And that's how you become braver.

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