Just finished a super-intense spin class and am sitting here in a cafe, sipping some excellent black coffee and doing my best to avoid the hot blueberry buttermilk scones on display.

3 things I wanted to share with you:

#1. I just finished the last page of the last chapter of my new book The 5 AM Club. This completes the final rewrite and the book goes in for its first round of copyediting.

I’ve gone deeper in this work than in any creative project of my career.

The project has taught me so much about the importance of pushing oneself to the outer frontiers of your artistic capacity, staying with a commitment when you feel like quitting and producing with the intention of a servant leader. 

I’ll share more about my creative process on the new book in upcoming posts, including the daily routine that helped me get x25 more done and the awesome value of fasting as a means to tap into your clearest thinking and sustain your energy for vast periods of time.

#2. One thing I learned from Elon Musk that I think you should contemplate deeply today is this insight: do not confuse that which is truly impossible with that which has simply never been done, yet. True titans understand this distinction beautifully. And the only way to know, is to try.

#3. IMPORTANT: A LOT of people are wondering about details for my upcoming June live event Personal Mastery Academy 2018...

...Here are the details and if you want to spend two days with me learning how the most productive, prosperous, helpful and happy people in the world run their minds, days and lives, do the rest of your life a gigantic favor and snap up a seat before we’re sold out for another year.

It’s taken me 22 years to construct the teaching models and methodologies I’ll teach you at PMA2018. There’s no other place you can learn them on the planet...

...so just trust your gut and jump in [reason doesn’t transform your world; following INSTINCT does].

It will cost you a lot more if you’re NOT in the room with us and I’d really love to help you, if you’re ready to lift yourself and your life significantly...

Get your seat here before they are gone.

Here’s the event trailer:

PMA Trailer

Ok. That’s it for now. Hope this helps and talk soon.



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