Sure there’s immense uncertainty and dramatic upheaval in the world right now.

And yet, I feel vast hope for what’s coming…

...past plagues have given rise to many of the advances we now see as obvious such as hand washing and city sanitation systems.

...human beings are masters of resilience. And turning chaos into brighter futures.

...storms never stay stormy. And downturns always morph into good days. Eventually.

And if you’re in business, this is an excellent time to restructure your shop to become less leveraged, more lean and even more relevant to your field. So you stay in the game, serve more people and make the world better.

Most of your industry peers are scared. They are hoping things will return to normal (they won’t). They are holding back (they shouldn’t).

If you do the right things you’ll not only protect your business from the acute disruption, you’ll strengthen the entire enterprise and set yourself up to fly when the calamity ends.

A crisis is actually an excellent time to grow a more agile and efficient company. That utterly wins when this is all over.

So where do you start?

I’d recommend that you begin with resetting your psychology. Because your daily performance is always a reflection of your most dominant beliefs. And until your faith is larger than your fears you’ll be stuck in uncertainty.

If you were to ask me of the primary source of Elon Musk’s current victory at Tesla, I’d acknowledge his intellectual genius and his frighteningly disciplined work ethic. Yet I’d have to say his success is coming from the way he sees the world.

He’s a pure possibilitarian. Sheer unlimitlist. Very little fear. And self-doubt.

We never act in a way that’s inconsistent with our mental story.

Rewire your own mentality to reduce worry, see the rewards available to you right now and accelerate your confidence to achieve amazing things while the majority is terrified and you’ll lead the field.

As you know, I’ve been working as the private advisor to eminent business leaders for a long time and thought it would be helpful to your rise if I shared 8 of the dominant mindsets that glorify their productivity, in good times as well as in tough seasons.

I’ll get right into them, if I may...

Mindset #1: If people don’t laugh, the dream is too small. Ridicule is a symptom of originality. In other words, you know your new ideas to grow your business amid the deep change are excellent ones when everyone around you tells you they won’t work. And make no sense.

Mindset #2: The journey will be hard yet the voyage will be worth it. Mastery is made when an ordinary human decides to do difficult things.

Mindset #3: The bigger the dream, the more important will be a remarkable team. The Titans I mentor all have one major belief in common: surrounding yourself with people smarter, better and faster than you is a pathway to world-class.

Mindset #4: Fortune favors the relentless [and punishes the passive]. Work on your resilience muscles so you hunt down the opportunity that exists within adversity. When you most feel like giving up is when you absolutely must carry on.

Mindset #5: The one who delivers the best value to the most people wins. This is a fantastic period to make quantum leaps ahead of your competition by delivering astonishing value to your marketplace. If you simply deliver on expectations you might become irrelevant.

Mindset #6: To have the results very few have, one must think the thoughts and run the routines very few do. Morning routines and nightly rituals and your nutritional plan and your work habits are the regimes that deliver staggering success. You are built to grow. And you have been designed to adapt. Make the decision to start the new practices that will help you live your genius. And then show it to the world.

Mindset #7: Last year’s championship performance is this year’s starting point. Legendary is a rarity because so few leaders keep growing and reaching. It’s human nature to slide once success has arrived. Deepen the mentality of always getting better. And making today finer than yesterday.

Mindset #8: Why do it if it’s not going to be fun? Even drudgery can be made easier with the spirit of playfulness. And seeking ways to make the process amusing. And exciting. And pleasant. Your intentions are creative. And the brain finds what it’s looking for.

This is a splendid time to invest in your professional education and personal development.

As an entrepreneur—while others get crushed by fear—you really want to learn how the great ones protect their business to navigate this storm and set yourself up so you thrive once it’s done.

If you’ve been following my work over these many years, you’ve heard about my 4 Interior Empires model based upon Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset. It’s a truly revolutionary concept that has led my billionaire clients to absolute breakthroughs in their productivity, performance and prosperity.

I explain the model [as well as the “gamecharts”, mental models, morning routines, prosperity frameworks and lifestyle elevation processes that I’ve taught to the billionaires and sports legends I’ve mentored for over 24 years] in my new program, The Top 5% Business Accelerator.

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Hope all this helps you.

Better days are coming. Use this stormy season to grow, strengthen and serve.

Love + Respect,


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