Over the past number of years I’ve been a bit of a lone voice in the wilderness, evangelizing a message that emotional healing is absolutely essential to expert performance.

Heartset work [introduced in The 5AM Club] allows you to dissolve the repressed regret, disappointment, shame, anger and sorrow that we all experience as we advance through life.

Working on a better Mindset for 2021 while neglecting your Heartset sets up a situation of self-sabotage where your intellect knows what you should do yet your emotional world keeps you limited.

To help you embrace the idea even more fully, I shot this quick video for you before a nature walk.

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You’ve likely read The 5AM Club, currently one of the bestselling books on the planet. Well, based on the overwhelming demand for an advanced online course that went far deeper into the methodology as well as offering all-new insights and strategies to own your mornings so you win your days (substantially increasing your positivity, energy and productivity) I’ve handcrafted The 5AM Club Method.

It really is an incredibly valuable and life-changing course and you won’t believe the tuition fee I’m making it available at to reward learners who take action right now...

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Let’s make 2021 the greatest year of your life. Yet.

Love + respect,


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