In these interesting times we inhabit, each of us bears the responsibility to do all we can to protect our strength and hope, right?

I know this sentiment is unorthodox in a culture that encourages us to blame all outside of us for the way we think, feel and operate.

It’s ever so easy to blame the pandemic and blame the economy and blame adversity for any challenges we face versus remembering that human beings have the power to rise above anything life decides to send us.

As you know if you’ve been following my work these past few years, a fireproofed morning routine is THE golden key to consistently positive, productive and energetic days.

Now, the formulas I share in my book The 5AM Club are just the beginning—what I call “MVMR” in my mentoring work with many of the world’s most successful people: Minimum Viable Morning Routine.

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I wish when I was 20 years old, someone had taught me that early rising is an absolute game changer. Why? Because if you learn how to start your days well, your days will unfold gloriously, consistently. When you start your days before sunrise, you have a gargantuan competitive advantage. There's no crowds. People are nicer. People are more open. There's no traffic on the streets. You can actually think. One of the lines in The 5AM Club is, "tranquility is the new luxury."

When you start your day well, you have the time. I call it the Victory Hour in the book. You, from five o'clock to six o'clock, you get to run The 20/20/20 Formula, which I teach in The 5AM Club. So let me simply say for now, you have the time to work on yourself. You have the timeto work on your Heartset, to develop your Mindset, to exercise, whether it's doing planks or running on a treadmill, or maybe it's SoulCycle. I don't know, but you get to work on your Heartset. You get the time, early rising, to work on your Soulset, where you can connect with your cause and connect with your mission and detect your values and build yourself into that hero and brave warrior, so that when you go out in the world at 6:00 AM and you feel fundamentally different, you full of true power. You're full of clarity on what you need to achieve during the day. You've got this intimacy with who you truly are, so you can stand steadfast in the turbulence that every day might bring. You have more energy. You have more joyfulness. You're connected with this peace. I mean, peace is really important to leadership and exponential productivity. When you are peaceful, grounded, focused versus diffused and scattered, there's a term called digital dementia. A  lot of us are suffering from digital dementia because of all the devices and technology. We're not focused and grounded. So, of course we're not going to be at our creative and productive best.



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