As you know from the latest positive psychology, your personal story about what's possible becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You'll never perform higher than your self-identity. And what you believe to be possible.

All fortune begins within—with you loving who you are, embracing your talents, taking really great care of you by avoiding toxic influences, ensuring that you are well treated by others and nurturing your body through exercise, exposure to nature, a healthy diet, sunlight and lots of deep rest.

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It's easy to forget that you will never rise higher in the world than the way you see yourself. I mean, your income, for example, reflects your identity, and your performance reflects your personal story.Researchers in the field of positive psychology will say to you, "Your performance reflects your story."What that simply means is if you don't think you can rise to genius, if you don't think you can own the game as an entrepreneur, if you don't think you can be a masterful artist, if you don't think you can be a world-class manager, then you're not going to do the practice, the work, and have the grit required to stay in the game long enough to enjoy that process as you rise to legendary.

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