We all need to fortify our hope, right?

Please think about that asset: hope.

...We share a dream and others laugh.

...We start a project and others resist.

...We advance an ambition and others misunderstand.

It’s so easy to lose your hope. And then, over time, accept that average is your destiny.

I’m here to remind you, with love and respect, that fortune favors the contrarians.

And that your future holds vast promise...

...Let’s also [please] remember the backstory behind dreams coming true. I’m far from perfect and my life isn’t flawless. Yet, I count many blessings when I rise each morning—from family I adore to a craft I honor.

Yes, my books are worldwide bestsellers and my events always sell out. And yet, behind this reality is a massive amount of commitment, sacrifice, hard work, setbacks, disappointments and discipline.

In this selfie culture that can seduce us into thinking others have ideal lives, may each of us remember that no one gets through life unscarred.

Some of us are just better at concealing the pain.

Am I special? No. [Far from it]. I know—and accept—this.

I’ve just installed the psychologies of the best, hardwired in the routines of the warriors and ran the plays of my heroes [that range from Nelson Mandela to Nikola Tesla].

The wonderful thing about today is that you can too.

Each day brings you a platform for possibility. All it takes is one choice that—when practiced daily over time—will restructure everything for you.

Cynics will tell you that people can’t change. Because they don’t want you to change. And because they were once proud dreamers and then something happened that closed their hearts. And they lost the heroism required to get back into the game.

Please. Today, be brave. Radiate HOPE. Do amazing work. Be kind. And honor your glory.

If you’d like my help in working and living like this, I really encourage you to read my new book The 5 AM Club.

Your life won’t be the same after you finish the last page.

I’ve put my best information—learned over 20 years of mentoring billionaires and superstars—into the pages. I’ve worked with such respect and devotion for the genius within you, as I wrote the book over 4 INTENSE years. My prayer is that as you read each page, you reclaim your greatness.

Go ahead and pre-order it here.

With love + respect,

...Your fan always,


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