Our world is crying out for pure leaders, true heroes and real saviors.

We live in a time of radical change, overwhelming complexity and unparalleled volatility.

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s happening, you know what’s coming over the next few years via the exponential growth of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, the increasing datafication of our lives, 3D printing and the next-grade of geopolitical movements that will disrupt everything you know about how we currently live.

...Entire sectors and industries will be wiped out.

...Scores of jobs will be lost.

...The way things have always been done will be over. Forever.

For the unprepared, what will unfold will be utterly terrifying.

For those who are ready, the future will be awe-inspiring. And unspeakably exciting.

And so you may ask me “Robin, what’s the single best move I can make to capitalize on the brave new world that is coming?”


...step into your natural state of herohood [yes — I did just make up yet another word. Because it’s an important one for you to embrace].

In messy times, it’s our heroes that lead the way.

Think Gandhi and Mandela, MLK and Mother Teresa, JFK and Steve Jobs.

Think Seneca and Nikola Tesla, Muhammad Ali and Oprah, Elon Musk and Jony Ive.

Yet, my point stays the same: why wait for another glorious hero to emerge and lead us from darkness into light when you have it in you to build yourself into the hero we all long to follow?

I’m not saying you need to lead our whole world...

I’m not saying you need to govern a nation.

I’m not suggesting you need to launch a movement.


I’m simply saying you just need to rewire your headspace and reconfigure your heartspace so you seriously begin to lead YOUR world...

...by seeing pure possibility where the majority spots adversity

...by leveraging your most glamorous talents and capitalizing on your most luminous gifts

...by ascending to becoming the most brave, excellent, alive and decent person you know.

...and the supercool thing is that, as you do, you’ll automatically inspire the rest of us to do the same, in our own lives.

Upgrade your life and you upgrade the world’s life. Glorious truth, right?

Herohood. It’s the single biggest opportunity of your lifetime. And the best commitment a fully alive human being like you can make, if you ask me.

6 years ago I had a dream...

...To create the best 4-day live event for empire-makers and history-creators.

...To not only lift the curtain and share my most advanced insights and systems to own your industry while you upgrade humanity [that I previously only shared with my billionaire private advisory clients — who wait a year to work with me] but to also share the stage with a carefully curated Faculty of the absolute brightest of global thought leaders.

...When I shared my initial vision of The Titan Summit back in 2012 [year 1 of the event was 2013], I was told “that won’t work” and “the price is too high” and “it’s all too much”.

And yet, I continued...

...just as you must continue climbing the mountain of your highest ambition in a fiery pursuit of the lofty peak. [To do so is what makes you FULLY human. To do so is the very pursuit that wakes you up to what’s best about life].

Since that first dream that so few believed in...

...Richard Branson flew through a massive snowstorm to share his greatest wisdom on my stage. I’ll never forget that moment and because you’re in my beloved community I wanted to share it with you...

Richard Branson @ The Titan Summit

...NBA legend Shaq moved the room with his “insider-only” advice on how the great ones do it.

Shaq @ The Titan Summit

...the father of the personal computer and the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, shared the hidden mindset that caused him and Steve Jobs to change the world.

Woz @ The Titan Summit

See, you’ve got to believe you can change the world before you actually do.


It’s not only the biggest opportunity of the rest of your life, it’s absolutely your responsibility. Our world demands this of you. And me.

And so, if you’d like to make this coming December the month that you experience the most glorious transformation of your entire lifetime...and truly rise into the heroic nature that is your destiny...

And if you’re really ready to discover...

...the little-known productivity formulas of the great geniuses
...the health and longevity hacks of the top athletes
...the fortune-making strategies of the famed billionaires
...the serenity secrets of the revered saints
...and how the great men and women of history elevated society

...then I’d love to help you...and I strongly encourage you to get off the fence and make the decision that will x25 the rest of your pro and private life.

We’re down to our last blocks of seating at The Titan Summit 2018. All previous places my team opened up have sold out completely. Sorry.

Go ahead and get one of the small number of seats remaining for The Titan Summit 2018 here before you miss this and have to wait a year to get in.

Disclaimer: please note...

— this world-class event is NOT for you if you’re more concerned about the cost of the event than the priceless value you’ll receive.

— this world-class event is NOT for you if you’re happy with the status quo and scared of making quantum leaps in your performance, prosperity and personal lifestyle.

— this world-class event is NOT for you if you’re not open to networking and masterminding with billionaires, elite entrepreneurs and some of the most fascinating and successful people on the planet.

— this world-class event is NOT for you if you’re not on fire to make our world a safer, healthier and more loving place.

...A seat is worth $100,000+. [Actually, learning what you’ll learn in the room and making friends with the people you’ll meet is priceless].

...The regular tuition fee for a seat this year is $40,000 [likely $50,000 for 2019’s event] yet, when you get your seat over the next few hours your investment is only $9995 USD [you save $30,000].

So don’t overthink this and just go ahead and snap up your seat here right now.

Remember: All previous blocks of seating for The Titan Summit 2018 have completely sold out.

DEFINITELY watch the trailer for The Titan Summit 2018 here.

Watch Video

This is your time. Now it’s your turn. See you in the room in December.

With love + respect,


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