Persistency wins. Work on your resilience muscles so you hunt down the opportunity that exists within adversity. When you most feel like giving up is when you absolutely must carry on.

I do believe that the real value of any work or challenge you face is what the process makes of you.

By continuing when you’re faced with doubt, by persisting when you feel like giving up and by optimizing when you think it’s good enough - we grow closer to our finest selves. And show the world what’s possible.

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 Persistency versus the short game. We do live in a world where everything just happens so fast that if we have a project or a cause or a mission, if it doesn't happen instantly, or if it doesn't manifest or materialize the way we'll want it within a month or within a quarter, or even within a year, we give up and we then start chasing the next shiny toy of opportunity.

What I realized is the true masters are not all about impatience. They're not all about the short-game. They understand that world-class is a process and that genius could take decades. And what makes rare-air output is the ability to stick with a singular vision of your masterpiece or whatever that is, a great company, a great family, a gorgeous life, a new book, a film, I don't know, but mastery comes through deep focus, patience and persistency.

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