Last night on CNN’s “Larry King Live”, King interviewed Carolyn Thomas who lost most of her face when her ex-boyfriend shot it off. There she sat, with bandages, one eye and more courage than I’ve seen in a long time. Moved me. She’s great.

Got me thinking about gratitude. Big idea: what you value in your life increases in value. What you think about and focus on grows. What you appreciate begins to appreciate. Appreciate your good health, you’ll value it more. Appreciate your family, same deal. Appreciate your gifts, your friends, your work and your life and your perception begins to shift. You see the blessings of your life (versus the broken parts).

I’m big on lists. Today, list 50 things you are grateful for (yes, 50). The first ten are easy: health, family, job, friends etc. But go down to the roots. Dig (the pearls always require deep diving). Be grateful for the fact you can speak English (or Spanish or Hebrew or Hindi). Be grateful you have two eyes or a healthy heart or for the fact you don’t live in a war zone. And get grateful to others. Bless the farmer whose effort brought the fruit on your breakfast table. Bless the factory workers who put the car you drive together (yup, I get that’s probably automated but you get my point). Bless the cashier at the place you buy your toothpaste. And bless the person who serves your food in the next restaurant you visit (this is life-changing stuff).

The attitude of gratitude. Counting your blessings. Not taking things for granted. I’ll bet you have a lot more to be thankful for than you currently see. Just think about it. Just get grateful. Then fasten your seatbelt and watch what comes.

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