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Begin Video Transcript:

Hi. It’s Robin Sharma, the author of The Leader Who Had No Title. Welcome to my hotel room here in South Africa. I’m in Joburg, one of my favorite cities in the world. The land of the Jacaranda, the land of Nelson Mandela.

I’m about to give a presentation to about 1,600 people at the Sandton Conference Center– or, Convention Center. And I just wanted to in real time– or, right now share some ideas that I think will take you to a whole new level of success, a whole new level of focus. Whole new level of mastery. In other words, the mindset of mastery.

I’m going to get right into it. The first idea I want to share with you is, the hypnosis of genius. Society says the geniuses are somehow cut from a different cloth from us. So when we look at a Messi, a Federer, a Picasso, a Da Vinci, a Michelangelo, a Branson, a Sergey Brin, a Larry Page, a Bill Gates, we see the end result of all their hard work, devotion to their craft, endless hours and years or study to be best in the world at what they did.

So we look at the end result. And we forget the back story behind genius. And I guess what I’m suggesting to you is, if you look at the truth behind genius, not the hypnosis– the truth behind genius is, all geniuses started off and they made a commitment– no, an obsession– to know more about their field of study that anyone else who had ever done their field of study in the history of the world. And then secondly, for years and years and years they practiced.

Now I’m going to give you an example. Bill Bradley. Bill Bradley– very famous many years ago. Very famous NBA player. And people look at him and they looked at the end result of him on the court as an NBA basketball player and they said, he did moves that no one had ever seen before. He could pass the ball almost as if there were eyes on the side of his head. He did jump shots that were incredible. But they didn’t look at the back story.

And here’s the truth.

Bill Bradley fell in love with basketball when he was about 10 years old– and this comes from a book called Mastery, to give credit where it’s due. He fell in love with basketball when he was about 10 years old. But he wasn’t naturally gifted, because genius is not the realm of genetics. Genius is the realm of practice. But one thing he did have going for him, he was very tall. And so what he decided to do to pursue his dream of being a great basketball player was, he devised one of the most disciplined, elaborate, intense practice programs ever known in the history of sports.

What did he do? He got the key to his high school basketball gym. And then he would go in there, and here was his practice regimen. Three and a half hours after school, every day. Three and a half hours on Sunday, eight hours on Saturday, for years.

So while everyone else was watching movies, gossiping, watching TV, having fun, relaxing, chilling with their friends, he had a monomaniacal obsession to be best in the world as a basketball player. What else did he do? He put 10 pound weights on his feet so that would increase the spring in his jump shot. He bought these glasses, eyeglasses and attached these pieces of cardboard underneath them, so that way, when he was dribbling, he wouldn’t see the ball. He’d just look around in front of him. It improved his ball handling.

What else did he do? He got all these chairs and he pretended they were opponents. And for hours and hours, over weeks and weeks, and months and months, and years and years, he would dribble around these chairs to become an even better passer. When he was walking down the streets in Missouri, his hometown, he literally trained himself to look straight in front of him but through peripheral vision, notice the objects in the stores around him. So that strengthened that part of the brain, because here’s another idea, you get the brain you earned not the brain you want.

And literally, through the power of neuroplasticity, you can grow your brain, build a smarter brain, a better brain if you exercise the brain and practice the brain. In other words, another example is, London cab drivers their brains were studied. And the part responsible for spatial reasoning was larger than the average brain because of the streets they had to navigate in London.

So back to Bill Bradley. Then what happened? One day his family– I mean, this guy was obsessed with basketball and practice and devotion and studying the game tapes of the best basketball players, while everyone else was busy being busy, he knew what his personal Everest looked like. Finally, his family said, you know what, let’s go to Europe. We’re going to take a two week trip. Bill will be with us, he’s not going to play basketball. What did he do? In the corridor of the ship, for hours a day, he dribbled up and down, practiced and practiced, did his training regime.

And then what did we do when we saw Bill Bradley as a superstar? We saw him do things that we thought no one else would ever do, and we looked at his and we said, look, he’s a genius. He’s naturally gifted. He’s somehow different from us.

The first point I want to offer to you is simply this, please don’t be seduced by the hypnosis of genius. You can be a genius at the things that you want to do. You can be so much more successful than you currently are. But to have the results that only 5% of the population have, you must be willing to do what only 5% of the population are willing to do.

The second idea I want to share with you is called, scheduled increments. Very simple idea, comes again from the latest science. And what it’s found is, if you actually write things down you increase your commitment to getting them done. And that’s why written goal setting works so well.

And if you actually have a daily schedule– which I teach in my program, The Robin Sharma Success System, exactly what to do– you literally start to learn how to schedule in hourly increments of time. You see, because the hours that ordinary people waste, extraordinary people leverage. And one thing that the billionaires, and the super successful people, and the highly productive superstars all know is, they understand the acute value of every passing hour. They have a gorgeous respect for time.

So this idea about scheduled increments is really important. You want to schedule the best hours of your day in one hour increments and then in those chunks actually write down on a written schedule the most important work you need to get done. Because the things that get scheduled are the things that get done. And what you start to do is, you start to, through the power of neurobiology, increase your commitment to getting things done.

And then the interesting thing– it becomes an upward spiral of success. You start getting things done. You release a neurotransmitter called dopamine which is the source of motivation. Because you got the thing done, you feel even stronger. Now you have more confidence, and more power, and energy to get the next thing done. And it becomes this upward spiral of success where you start doing things you never thought you could do. And this is how you build power, productivity, creativity, and world-class.

And then, the final idea I want to share with you in this video is really the dignity of labor. I mean, all work is noble. All work has dignity. A job is only just a job if you make the choice to see it as a job. Even if you sweep streets, sweep streets like Picasso painted. Because all work is a chance for you to go out in the world today and express your gifts and your talents that you were born into.

All work is a chance for you to bump up against your fears and the things that frighten you, and transcend them by doing the things that you were resisting. All work is a chance for you to express your values in front of your customers and your teammates. All work is a chance for you to inspire other human beings in your job. And my job is to uplift people and give faith to the faithless and inspire people around us. And I guess what I’m suggesting to you, with deep respect as always, all work is a chance for you to change the world.

From Johannesburg, South Africa, as always, I’m your fan, Robin Sharma.

You take great care. Bye bye.

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