It really is heartbreaking to me how many potentially amazing human beings dim their genius by little daily acts of average:

–being late versus early

–complaining versus creating

–busy versus productive

–entertainment versus education

–discouraging versus inspiring

–wowing versus coasting

–moving versus sitting

–meditating versus worrying

–building versus blaming

–taking versus giving

–hating versus loving.

–your birthright is mastery. It just is [whether you wish to own this fact or not; science backs me up].

You have it in you to display originality. You have the capacity to perform the extraordinary. Your true nature speaks to what’s legendary.

But if you do what the majority does, you’ll experience what the majority gets.

Yes–exceptional success does take acute focus, a fierce work ethic and the fire to release all chains of mediocrity.

I wouldn’t be honest with you if I suggested otherwise.

And yet–the hard truth is also that uncommon achievement and beautiful results are not at all as difficult to get as most people have been programmed to think.

So I do my very best to get your 2017 off to a GARGANTUAN start, I’m sending you one of the most inspirational + tactical training videos I’ve ever released.

Just watch it [addictions to excuses + afflictions with interruptions won’t make this new year world-class; a deep devotion to learning and personal growth will]. And share it. And study it. And live it.


Play: The First Day of Your Best Life


Hope all this high-impact training I’ve worked so hard to produce is serving your hopes, gifts and greatness.

I send it to you at no cost. All I ask is that you share it. And act on it.

We transform the world by revolutionizing ourselves.

With strong faith in your potential, much love for you as a person + deep respect for your dreams,

P.S. Later this week I’ll be sending you my first new adventure video in a year!

I can’t wait to release it. I’ll teach you some potent insights to raise your game + lift your life exponentially as you start 2017…

…including an unforgettable lesson as I stood in Nelson Mandela’s prison cell on Robben Island a few months ago.

Everyone’s been waiting for this hot new video. I’ll send it over to you in a few days.


With love + respect,


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