Even when people disappoint you and life hurts you, keep your heart open. This is how heroes roll.

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Our natural way of being is to connect with the brothers and sisters on our tiny planet. We are taught tohate. We are taught to judge other people by the color of their skin. We are taught to protect ourhearts. My suggestion to you is even ifyou've been hurt, and of course you have, I have been, even ifyou've been betrayed, even if you've been generous, and your generosity has not been appreciated, donot allow a cold world to close your heart. Because if you can keep it open, if you can stay connected,connected to strangers on the street, connected to your family, even if they don't understand you,connected to your team, connected to your customers, even if they might not totally appreciate you,well, then you rise from average and the majority to the ranks of heroism.

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