As you rise in authentic power, craft and impact, some will throw rocks at you. Take the high road and trust that the truth always wins.

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High road focus. Take the high road. I would suggest if anyone tries to knock you down, if people hate at you, if people give you these comments or if people laugh at you, when you share your big idea, focus on your mission. Why dilute your energy by wasting it on dealing with and feeding the trolls and let karma do your dirty work. Let world-class be your revenge. I'm not saying we should be in the business of revenge, but just stay motto maniacally focused on your priorities. And over time, it's amazing what happens when you put great work and great value and magic and love and mastery out into the world. The tide will change. People will appreciate you. You will feel great about the service you bring to society and what is more important than that?

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