In the 23 years I’ve mentored many of the legends of business and sports, one of the first things we do in our work together is install an elite morning routine.


...because the way you begin your day sets the tone and energy for how your day unfolds.

...because starting strong sets you up to perform at strength [and happiness].

...because in the quietude of dawn you can reclaim your true power and carry that asset with you their the hours that follow.

While I was at my writing cottage in Malibu working on my next book, I shot a high-value video for you that I know will inspire you as well as offer you some excellent [and hard-hitting] tactics for the optimization of your morning routine.

Go ahead and watch this powerful masterclass here: 

Hope all this free content I work so hard on is helping you lead your field and own your days.

Love + Respect,

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