In my 23 years of mentoring many of the giants of industry, leaders of economy, and titans of prosperity, there’s a through line I note in their lives...

...genius-grade self-discipline.

Now the good news is that good research confirms that “self-regulation” is not a natural gift but an earned skill...

...and the more we train the “muscle” of personal-mastery, the stronger it grows [like any other muscle]...

...and when we increase our self-discipline in one area, our willpower in every other area grows with it.

One of the first moves I make with the billionaires who come to me for help with upgrading their leadership performance and private lifestyles is to teach them how to install a rare-air morning routine...

...rising before the sun and running my calibrated protocol is the one habit that lifts every other one. Quite dramatically [not instantly because this isn’t a magic pill, yet within approximately 7 weeks from the moment you begin].

And I must say, that no matter who you are and where you live and what your past has looked like, you absolutely can hardwire in the ritual of waking up early—if you learn the right principles and then take the right steps.

So please don’t allow limited beliefs and cemented excuses to block you from doing amazing things at work and experiencing enormous success in your life.

To offer you some very raw and dramatic value, I’ve spent a ton of time handcrafting a world-class training video that walks you through the same teachings I give to the ultra-high net worth superstars I coach.

If you watch one video this year, I encourage you to watch this one [yes, it’s that valuable to your genius + finest life].

Go ahead and watch it here before it comes down and goes into the vault:



Hope this helps and please remember that the way you start your day dramatically drives how brilliantly your day unfolds.

You can get the early-rising habit installed so the rest of your life soars.

We’re nearing the final quarter of 2019 so this video is going to be super important for you to watch—if you wish to end strong.


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