Define SuccessToo many people are living their neighbors’ lives. So many amongst us are building our futures based on a definition of success sold to us by society+the media+our peers. That’s fine if you’re consciously choosing to live by those values. But what if – at truth – you have a different set of values. And the success you are currently chasing actually has little to do with what will make you happy when you review your life at the end?

My encouragement is to take 60 minutes over the next few days and rethink what you are investing your mental focus and physical energy on. Are you spending your time on work that matters and personal pursuits that are moving the needle forward? Or are you stuck in the thick of thin things? Being really busy being really busy?

A life is a tragic thing to waste. Yet too many of us – born into the potential to live soaring lives as well as contribute to raising the lives around them – waste our best hours on mindless distractions, needless interruptions and activities that are nothing more than an escape.

I also encourage you to play with the definition of success that has been transforming the lives of those using “The Robin Sharma Success System“, an online 21 day training program. In it, I teach that success isn’t just about making money and climbing the social ladder (the data actually confirms that people making $5 million a year are only incrementally happier than blue collar workers). Sure money matters.

But I invite you to also focus on these dimensions of your life if you’re serious about REAL success:

  • Personal development
  • Family connections
  • Being world-class at your work
  • Having a network of friends who elevate you
  • Creating a phenomenal lifestyle
  • And using your life to make a difference.

That last metric is the key. What’s the point of having success but failing at Significance? Yes, chase your dreams and rise to lofty heights in the world. But please remember: greatness comes from living for a cause larger than you. And leaving our world better than you found it.

In Leadership,

Robin Sharma

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