The way most people work is from an ancient age.

The idea that working longer and harder makes you more productive and better is outdated.

It comes from the era when most workers toiled on a factory line. And by putting in more hours they would create more products.

For creative professionals versus manual laborers, you get rewarded—not by the length of time you put in but by the degree of mastery that you put out.

As a matter of fact, for those in industries that must deliver world-class artistry, working more often produces less.

Because we don’t get the time to contemplate and study and allow beautiful new ideas to incubate.

It’s the rare breed of modern worker who gets this truth. And who makes the time to perform super intensely when they create and then recover super deeply when they are off.

Legendary producers are professional resters, is part of what I’m suggesting to you.

They outfocus, outinvent and outwork everyone around them when it’s game time.

And then, after they’ve expressed their mastery in a hot burst of flaming audacity, they go dark. Ghost. Silent.

And recover. And read. And exercise. And daydream. And regenerate.

This seasonal or cyclical way of running a day and then a week and then a month and then your years is unpopular. And counterintuitive, given the way we’ve been socially programmed to think about productivity.

Yet if you really want to express your genius, lead your field and stay in your sport for the fullness of a career, it’s the best way to operate.

So, my encouragement is that while you work at home, produce majestically in the hours you’ve set to produce. And then—release all guilt conditioned from a “hustle and grind” world—and do what the real pros do.

Take a nap.

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Hope all this helps.

Love + Respect,


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