Books have enriched, upgraded and saved my life.

...when all was well, great books strengthened my creativity, artistry, productivity and jubilation.

...when things were hard they delivered hope, guided my way and offered a literary lighthouse that helped me navigate rough seas.

I thought it might bring you reward if I walked you through my process around receiving the knowledge from books.

So here we go:

Step #1: Continuous Learning is The Great Battleproofer

The single-finest way to lead your field is to increase your skills relentlessly. You truly want to become so good at what you do that no one else in the world can do what you do. That’s not about being naturally gifted. It’s about reading every relevant book you can get your hands on so you grow into a genuine master of your craft.

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Step #2: Buy More Books than You Can Ever Read

Investing in a book is reaching for your promise. I buy more books than I know I will read in my lifetime. It makes me happy to get a book. Gives me hope. Activates my energy. And allows me to assemble a library that will be a legacy for my children.

Step #3: Go for Range and Challenge

I purchase books on productivity, metaphysics, history, psychology, emotional healing, keeping positive, executing on high-value targets, scaling a business and on the lives of great human beings. Go for a wide range and definitely read works that push you to think differently. So you can produce uniquely.

Step #4: Read the Table of Contents

When I pick up a book I study the front and back cover. Then I scan the table of contents to get a sense of where this is going. Next, I block out a clear space of time and clean up all distractions. I read with deep focus, not to snack on content. Because building a “content-snacking brain” will yield a snacking sort of life.

Step #5: Highlight and Take Notes

When I read, I read slowly and deliberately. I highlight, generally with a red felt marker (yes you can highlight the eBook and yes you can use audiobooks; which have served me so well for decades). I also make notes in the margins and do diagrams on those few pages at the end that publishers leave blank. Live and breathe your experience with the book. Let it change you.

Step #6: Follow Your Moods

On some days I’m in the mood for a book that will kickstart my A-game. On others, I wish to read fiction or poetry. I’m not dogmatic about what I read. Instead, I allow The Muse to lead me into what I need to learn (or enjoy).

Step #7: Download Your Notes

On finishing a book (oh—I submitted the manuscript for my new book to my publisher the other day, after a year of being consumed by it; it’ll be out as soon in 2021 as we can bring it to you), I write out the best insights in my journal. What you capture becomes cemented.

Step #8: Decode the Lessons

Finally, I take the notes and make them into game charts and dream sheets. I crunch the information and build them into clear plans and implementation steps. Then I get to work on them.

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