I’m in New Delhi on a major book tour as I write you this note.

In a hotel hallway, actually, sitting in a wicker chair, surrounded by remarkably liberating art.

And reflecting on your right to greatness. Along with the calling on your days to express your lavish potential. So you produce avalanches of artistry. That escalate our society...

...I’m often asked by the media how I fuel my creative drive and from where do I draw my inspiration. I sure wasn’t born with it. I manufacture it. And so can you.

The picture below [that I just took] moves me. It raises my perception and awakens me to what’s possible for a human being to achieve. Against violent odds.

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When this great hero of humanity faced ridicule, he continued. When he was imprisoned, he lost not his resolve. When he became revered, he remained humble.

I draw a lot of creative fire from art. In art, we are blessed to hang out with the great masters. And if we’re open, a little of their stardust always rubs off on us.

A lot of my new book The 5AM Club walks you through my personal practices on peak creativity and playing the long game as an artist. It also contains chapters on how the legendary geniuses of the world did what they did, based on my deep research and painstaking study.

I mention this in case it is helpful to you. [And I passionately thank all my beloved global readers who have already caused this book to rocket up bestseller lists around the world]. If you haven’t read it yet, please do. It’s special. And absolutely transformational.

Solitude also always refills my well of inspiration. The great symphonies, glorious monuments and epic movements were not conceived on a busy street corner :)

Ok. Need to go but I deeply care about your mastery. And the upliftment of a brighter world. So I wanted to send you this message. And the private photo off my phone.

Love + respect,


P.S. At the end of the new book are details to get full access to the free 66 Day 5AM Club Habit Installation Digital Program.

Oh—and kindly know that a portion of my royalties go to help kids suffering from leprosy. So when you invest in your copy, you also invest in the betterment of a child’s life.

And yes, it’s also available as an instantly downloadable ebook and audiobook.

Hope this helps. Peace.

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