We are shaped by our conversations. We are influenced by the ideas we hear and the people we meet. Listening is a master skill for personal and professional greatness. Leaders listen. Staggeringly well.

When we go deep into listening to the person we are communicating with, we truly have the opportunity to get behind their eyeballs and learn, grow and evolve into our highest and best from their sharing. And if you are lucky enough to be talking to the right person – at the right time – that single conversation might be the one to change the way you think, feel and behave.

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How the great leaders do it is they're just so comfortable in their own skin. They've worked on their ego so much, they've turned down the volume. Most people's idea of listening is waiting until the other person has finished talking so they can start their own monologue. I can't tell you how many times I'll have a walk with someone. I love walking meetings. One hour walks, I learned it from Steve Jobs, and through the entire walk they're just sharing their story, and they're sharing where they're at, and they're sharing their frustrations, and they're sharing their insecurities, and they haven't asked me a single question and I'm happy to help. I'm happy to listen. Someone asked me the other night, "Oh, when that happens, what do you do?" and I say, "You know what? Most people have a deep need to be heard." Someone who talks and talks and talks and talks is generally a child who had parents who didn't give them a lot of time, and they didn't give him a lot of attention, and they certainly didn't give them very much listening. So adults are nothing more than deteriorated children and adults are often children in grownup bodies. I see that and I simply am very happy to be a listening ear for them. I'm very happy to give them the listening they are longing for. I just feel in that hour, I can be an instrument of service to them and helpful to them by listening. Point, I'm trying to help you calibrate and hardwire in, as a daily protocol, be one of the rare-air few, one of the top 5% leaders on the planet, who really have dialed in to listening, not from your head but from your heart; listening at a cellular level. Here's the thing: when you do that for your team, they grow bigger right in front of you, and the real job of a leader is to grow people.


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