Hope you’re navigating the disruption that we all face right now with grace, strength and peacefulness.

The goal of a master is to maintain their serenity in the most dangerous of storms, right?

So all we are experiencing is tranquility training. If you choose to see the opportunity within the calamity.

Many years ago, I was in Bangkok for a leadership presentation for the managers of Aditya Birla Group, one of the top conglomerates on the planet, and decided to make the trek to visit a golden Buddha after my keynote.

Thousands of years ago, this statue had been made—in honor of its namesake luminary—of pure gold. It was a sight to behold. Oh how our world has wonders within it.

Then, foreign invaders were set to attack Thailand so the monks who worshipped the idol devised a plan to protect their extraordinary treasure...

...they covered it with layer after layer of soil. After their efforts, all that could be seen was a small mountain of mud. [I’ve always thought monks were smart ;)].

The invaders came. Missed the fortune. Went back home.

Many centuries later, a young monk was passing by the now-familiar mountain of mud when a glimmer of light beamed from the mound.

He called his fellow monks over and they began to dig...

...layer upon layer of earth came off and more and more of the glittering gold appeared.

Eventually, The Golden Buddha was revealed—astonishing all witnesses. And making the sages cry in delight.

I guess the reason I felt the need to send you this note today is that we live in a world filled with fear, toxicity and deep uncertainty.

It’s easy to look to others to make you feel safe and to wish for more pure leaders to help keep you strong.

Yet, underneath the layers of disappointment, pain, rejection and insecurity that a human being accumulates as we advance through life is everything you currently seek.

...at your core is unconquerable courage.

...at your base is fearlessness, wisdom and boundless love.

...within your foundation lives primal genius, native artistry and a joy that exceeds anything society can provide to you.

You really don’t have to transform. You only have to remember [all you truly are before the world taught you to play small].

You’re not broken, in need of fixing. You may simply be disconnected with your authentic heroism—and so in need of recalibrating.

Underneath the layers of ego and weakness and timidity that we all carry with us—to varying degrees based on how much personal mastery work we’ve done—lies a Golden Buddha, of sorts.

I speak not of anything religious. I speak, instead, about the infinite glory, gifts and leadership that sits at the pinnacle of every beating human heart.

And once you seek out this place of power and then spend more time with this best part of you, it will take over your life.

And degrade your addiction to dogma, following the crowd and mistrusting the universe’s guidance toward your life of awe, wonder and excellence.

...And any trials now before you will become your triumphs.

...And any fear in front of you will morph into Fortune.


...If my sincere words and this special story reminds you of what you’re truly made of and the high mission that you’re meant to deploy... 


...you’d like to make this period of uncertainty and turmoil the period that you experience the most glorious personal transformation of your entire lifetime...

...while battleproofing your business so it endures through all the chaos [more is coming] and then flies when all this is over...

...then please read what follows VERY carefully as it will be extremely valuable to you.

I’ve spent three deep months reviewing the “game charts”, mental models, morning routines, prosperity frameworks and lifestyle elevation processes that I’ve taught to the billionaires and sports legends I’ve mentored for over 24 years.

...I then handcrafted the best information into a truly revolutionary online membership course for empire-builders and world-changers.

...In other words, I’ve decided to share my entire playbook that I’d previously only offered to my ultra-successful clients, so that you will x25 the rest of your pro and private life.

...I named this absolutely world-class new online course The Top 5% Business Accelerator. And it’s the finest program I’ve ever made available—specifically designed for self-transformation and business optimization amid volatile conditions.

My team has decided to make a limited amount of memberships available by application only given the exclusive nature of this digital academy for entrepreneurs. Get the details here if you want me to help you thrive in this recession.

DISCLAIMER: If you’re not ready to learn, grow while others contract, do some work and get truly amazing results during this global crisis, The Top 5% Business Accelerator is NOT for you. Save your money. Please.

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Hope all this helps you.

Better days are coming. Use this stormy season to grow, strengthen and serve.

Love + respect,


P.S. People just like you are using The 5AM Club and its methodologies to insulate their positivity and productivity in these hard times. It’s become one of the most-widely read books in lockdown and I really encourage you to read it.

Even better/easier, listen to the splendid audiobook made from it. Go ahead and order it here.

PP.S. For everyone asking, I’m finally making faster progress on my new book. I’ve been working ever so hard for you to make it a life-changing work for this messy season we’re in. I just started round #7 on the manuscript. And so I continue. I’m pretty sure I’m getting closer to the finish line on this one!


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