Greetings from New York City. Please know how grateful I am to have you in this community.

So….someone on Twitter asked me “Does all of this leadership and success material really work? Or is it all (expletive deleted).” A little cynical, no? ;)

I haven’t replied as yet. But I wanted to use her tweet to make a point. With great respect…

“Nothing works (no book+online course+event+idea) until you make the time and commitment to DO THE WORK.”

Success is less about learning superb ideas and more about having the guts/patience/focus and smarts to get the ideas DONE.

Ultra-successful people are just uncommonly skilled at execution. And we all can get to this place. Via daily practice.

So to kickstart your best life, I wanted to show you how much I’m trying to help by giving you a wealth of free resources.

These have taken me a lot of time and money to create and edit and prepare. All I ask is that you share them with 3 people today. So I get to feel I’m making more of an impact on people’s lives. And that you ACT on them. With speed. Please.

Here you go:

#1: 103 training videos for elite performance+productivity+inspiration: Click to watch now

#2. Some of my best articles on leadership and personal development: Click to read now

#3: 10 of my most listened to podcasts: Click to listen now

Be amazing. Starting today.

Your fan always,

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