How To Defeat Fear And WorryThe fears you don’t face become your limits. And the doubts you don’t deal with become your walls.

Out of all of the conversations I have with my readers on my Facebook page, the issue of fear and worry – and how these twin demons keep us small is one of the biggest. Especially as things fall apart in the global economy.

You really deserve to shatter your doubts and conquer the fears that prevent you from doing what you are built to do and having everything you want in life in 2012. And you really should not have to be spending the best hours of your days worrying (about things that generally don’t even happen).

So, to be of service to you, I’ve recorded another 10 minute training video called “How to Defeat Fear and Worry”. It’s super-practical. And it gives you my best tips on becoming fearless in your work and inside of your life.

Watch the video right now:

Let’s make 2012 the absolute best year of your life yet!

Kindest wishes.

Robin Sharma

P.S. Don’t let fear own your life anymore. Watch this video right now:

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