World-class performance is less about your genetics and more about your habits. In this episode of The Daily Mastery Podcast, Robin Sharma deconstructs the method the pros use to install habits that truly last [it’s called The 66 Day Minimum].

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Ritual plasticity. What does ritual plasticity mean?

Well, just like there's neuroplasticity, your habits, your routines and your rituals are plastic.
Ritual plasticity. Here's a model that I'll explain hopefully; habit installation.

First of all, every habit goes through three phases. Number one, destruction. Of course, it's
going to be hard at first. You're destroying your neural pathway of the old habit and the emotional architecture of that old habit. Every routine or ritual or habit goes through, number one, destruction approximately 20 days, 66 days to install.

Look at this, from the starting point to anything you've learned today you want to install as a habit, from zero to 66 days. At 66 days, you will reach what researchers call automaticity. It'll be easy. You'll get up at 5:00AM automatically. You'll journal, go the extra mile, practice your craft automatically. But you have to stay with it for 66 days.

First 20 days approximately is phase number one, destruction.

Phase number two, confusion. After you've destroyed it, it's like a renovation. There's a mess.
Now you're confused. It's normal if you're confused. If you're confused, you're still thinking for yourself. If you're confused, it means you're growing. Society says, "What's wrong with you? You're confused all the time."

I'm suggesting to you, you're confused all the time because every single day you're disrupting who you used to be yesterday. Of course, society doesn't understand you. To have the results very few have you've got to live and behave like very few do.

After confusion, stage number three, the final 20 days approximately, integration, integration of the new habit. Destruction. Of course, it's going to be hard for 20 days. Confusion phase. Too messy in the middle. You're going to feel like giving up. This won't make sense. It's new to you. 

Finally, integration. You get to automaticity. It becomes a part of your new belief, your new way of being. It becomes easy.

Here's the fascinating thing. You only use willpower until you get to automaticity. This is the
secret of the great athletes. They are spending all this energy on willpower just to install the routine.

Once the routine becomes automatic, the exciting thing is they free up their willpower for their next routine to be installed.

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