What makes a great leader is turning down the voice of ego and turning up the volume of service.

As you rise in human maturity, you’ll be less interested in trivial pursuits.  As you discover a mission that is larger than your own life, a bravery and nobility beyond intellectual understanding will begin to emerge. The more you connect with a cause that is of helpfulness to other humans, the chains of your previously perceived reality fall away. And you will ascend toward a happiness that knows few bounds. And a peace that requires no luxuries.

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Do whatever it takes to build a life of such maturity where it's not about your ego, but it's about lifting the world. And that's incredibly powerful because if you base your power on things, should you lose those things, you lose your power, you're in a really vulnerable place. But if you derive your power and your self worth and your sense of self from who you are, your moral authority, your sense of creativity, your ability to love yourself, your knowledge of the fullness of the gifts that you were born into. If that's where your identity comes from, then your world could fall apart and you still stay strong. So work on your maturity level so you get to a place where it's not about me, it's about we. Work on your maturity so you're not deriving your strength in the world from external things, but you're getting it from your internal character or your internal life.

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