I’ve been deep into creating hot, new content for The Titan Summit 2019 and wanted to share 6 of the maxims from one of the learning models I worked on the other day with you.

To make your rise up to your highest game and to own your mastery, I encourage you to contemplate these insights with an open mind. And a fearless heart.

I’ve worked for many hours on this message for you so I hope you’ll invest the 10 minutes needed to read it. It will surely be worth your time...

Ok...let’s go...

#1: Weird is The New Cool

I was doing push-ups and step-ups off a rock on a walking path.

One of my previous fitness trainers loved to take me out into nature and use what’s there to maximize our workouts.

A school kid walking by with a buddy whispered, “That’s so weird—doing exercises on a rock.”

I just smiled.

Yet, part of me wished to say: “It only seems weird because you don’t do it.”

Weird and strange are often simply judgements made by people who don’t understand. It’s far easier to shoot the messenger of a new idea than to exercise the confidence to test it out yourself.

In my playbook, doing what very few do means you’ll generate the positive results very few get.

And that means you're cool. Not a freak.

#2: Structure Beats Willpower

At The Titan Summit 2019, my flagship 4-day live event coming up at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto in December, I plan to teach my latest new models on the daily routines of the world’s most successful people.

Learn them and then apply them—and your income and impact will never be the same. Period.

One element of high-yield routines is what I call “ecosystem calibration.”

Your entire environment absolutely must be audited and then optimized [from your work labs, to your car[s], to your friendships, to your vacation hotels, to your sleep areas, to your nutritional fuels] for you to materialize the primal genius and native greatness currently resting within you.

I guess what I’m suggesting to you is that installing the right “Life Structures”, which include my “World-Class EA/PA Foundation”, my “Dream Team Concept”, my “Forced Optimization Strategy” and my new “$10 Million-Dollar Week Philosophy” is x100 more effective than hoping you can upgrade your personal willpower.

The billionaires and sports stars I coach work a lot harder on wiring in the right ecosystem and setting up the right rituals than praying that their self-discipline will help them win.

#3: Micro-Trauma is The Breakfast of Genius

This is a big, deep and powerful maxim for you to reflect upon.

Each human being alive today has experienced various grades of trauma.

For some, it’s relatively small—perhaps the result of some subtle negative messaging from an adult such as, “If you dream too big, you’ll fail.” Or, “Be reasonable and fit into the crowd.” Or, “If you do that, what would people think?” Or, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

For others, the trauma is far more severe. And damaging.

The main point here is that none of us gets through life without the experience of pain.

And our culture teaches us to repress and suppress it versus the fact I’ll be going richly into at The Titan Summit 2019to heal a wound you need to feel a wound.

There’s a meme going around social media that says something like, “If you don’t heal what hurt you, you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you.”

Strong, right?...

...So doing what I call “Heartset Work” is not only your platinum pathway into greater joy, peace and freedom...

It’s also your doorway into dramatically better relationships—and much higher productivity [because frozen pain blocks elite performance] and work that represents your genius.

#4: Reality is Just a Lie Society Has Sold You

“Reality” is simply the possibility that a scared society has sold you.

Often, when a visionary shares her ambition with the world, she’s ridiculed. Mocked. And condemned.

That’s simply because any grand dream is so disruptive that it terrifies the status quo—the timid souls who would rather spend their lives in a tiny zone of security versus venturing out into the blue ocean of dazzling opportunity.

Just because your idea/project/venture/screenplay/book/cause hasn’t been done yet doesn’t mean it cannot be now.

Impossible is generally the untried, right?

#5. Obsession is A Necessity of Heroism

Here’s my closely-cherished belief: an obsession is only unhealthy if it’s an unhealthy obessesion.

In this era of massive distraction, diversion and social media seduction, only the clear and brave producers who have gone "fully minimalist” around their few priorities will dominate their domains. And lead their fields.

Go deep. Never wide.

Be a specialist. Not a generalist.

Build a simple life. Resist a complicated one.

Then you’ll harness the whole glory of your inherent luminosity for that single masterwork that helps you make history.

#6: Temptation is Pain Waiting to Happen.

Life will send you tests, to see how true you are to your values, to your standards and to the lofty vision you’ve set for your ideal self.

When temptation shows up, know and trust that should you embrace it, only one result will follow: pain.

Ok, I truly hope these insights help you materialize your brilliance and handcraft a life you adore.

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— People who see investing in their personal mastery and professional excellence as a cost versus an investment.

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— People who are fully content with their business/personal/financial + spiritual lives.

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Q4: What’s the backstory of The Titan Summit?

— 7 years ago, I was struck by an idea that would not let go of me: to create a 4-day live event where I—and an absolutely world-class Faculty—taught business acceleration + personal transformation philosophies/methodologies to an exclusive group of high-level learners from around the world that range from professional athletes to industry Titans to start-up founders and young filmmakers, etc.

— My vision included that the event would be held at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto and that every aspect of the unique and life-transforming experience would be delivered with excellence, an obsessive attention to detail and a deep respect for each attendee.

— Initially I was laughed at. Naysayers told me that no one would pay the high tuition fee, that my costs would put me in jeopardy and that an event of this calibre would be extremely hard to orchestrate.

— It’s now year 7. Last year, 87% of the amazing people in the room [from 30+ nations] snapped up their seats to make sure that they got into the room this year. If you were there, you know exactly what happened.


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With love and respect,


P.S. Watch the event trailer here.


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