I have no choice but to write.

I’m a writer. I need to write. I must express myself through words. To not do so would be to deny myself my oxygen.

When lightning in the form of creative inspiration shows up, it’s a race.

I rush to capture the downloads that seem Heaven-sent from the ether.

That’s why I mostly use a pen and paper. I write quickly. Typing on a device is just too slow for me. And I need to bump into things to get them done. I’m a visual—and putting my ideas, deliverables and To Dos into a piece of tech causes me to forget that they are even there...

...out of sight, out of mind type thing.

Anyhoo [a Mr. Riley term from The 5AM Club that only insiders will understand]...

When insights start free flowing, they come in a torrent.

Idea after idea. Line after line. Learning model after learning model. When I enter the flow, these just show up. Sort of pretty much fully formed. If you get what I mean.

I capture the creativity on airplane sick bags when I’m flying. [Yes, I draw strange stares from other passengers].

I love going to restaurants alone when I’m on the road, carrying a notebook and a pen to record what’s coming.

I generally end up writing book titles on napkins [only when they are paper, I promise], paragraphs on disposable placemats and scribbling diagrams on those table covers that are absolutely cool to write on.

What I’m humbly, gently, enthusiastically and lovingly suggesting is that if you don’t write it down you can’t use it later.

If you don’t capture it you’ll never remember it.

And—when the generous muse that sleeps within the hidden recesses of your most imaginative nature comes out to play—if you don’t record what she sings, you won’t really own what she says.

Hope all this helps.

Stand strong and be of good courage.

Love + respect,


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