Give extreme value to receive remarkable rewards.

The majority are stuck in scarcity. They don’t give much to their organizations nor to their customers. And so their people never fall in love with them—and their brands.

The exceptionalists are all about generosity. They know that the marketplace replies to value delivered.

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Income earned is a result of value delivered. You see, the marketplace rewards contribution. What the average performer does in business, it's all about the cash grab. How can I deliver the least amount of value and get the most amount of cash? And that is a recipe for a very short career. If you want to rise to iconic, you want to really be a business titan, you really want to own your industry, you really want to rock your field, here's what you do.

You run the philosophy I call the 10X Value Obsession. It has allowed my clients to build fortunes in business. And the 10X Value Obsession is this: wake up every morning, or when you go to your office, relentlessly coach your team to think about one key idea, how can we deliver 10 times the value that our clients expect for what we give them? You see, again, most business people are stuck in scarcity. Okay? They think there's not a lot of money and there's not a lot of resources. And they're all about the competition. And they're really coming from a place of great fear. Titans are fundamentally different. They're not about scarcity. They're about generosity. And so, they run the 10X Value Obsession. That's their dominant philosophy. How can I deliver 10 times the value my clients expect, whether it's through the user experience on the website, whether it's through the product. I mean, the product is so robust. It gives so  much value. Maybe it's through customer service. The way they do business is really their mindset. How can I give my customer 10 times the value that they're paying for? Now, if you do that consistently, what happens? You don't just have customers. You have fanatical followers. You don't just have a business, you create a movement. And again, I'm going to challenge you with great love and respect. Don't be about building a business. That's what the average business person does. Be a titan. Be all about creating a movement.

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