It’s an early crisp morning in Zurich as I write this note to you.

And I’m in a reflective mood...

...thinking about the overwhelm that technology has caused for so many.

...considering the busyness of most human lives.

...contemplating the deep need for inner peace that each of us carries [and craves].

While my new bestseller The 5 AM Club is very much a manifesto for mastery and a playbook for peak productivity, it’s also a user's manual for reclaiming the serenity that the majority has lost.

A line from the book: Tranquility is the new luxury.

I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s no point in having lots of things and fame + fortune yet losing the quiet that lives at your core along the way.

Please also remember that the hour before dawn is the time of least distraction. And lowest digital diversion.

That Victory Hour is the ideal period for reclaiming your natural wisdom, calibrating your inherent powers and growing the best part of you into the hero that your destiny calls you to be.

So many of the great women and men of history had one routine in common: They learned how to start their mornings well.

I need to also share how very grateful I am to all of my readers for making The 5 AM Club a worldwide phenomenon just a handful of weeks since it was released, including the one below...

Instagram Post

The reality is that I worked 4 long years on the book [and sacrificed a lot] so that you’d have a dazzling tool for outright transformation in your hands.

If you haven’t read it, definitely get your hands on the book as soon as you can. It’s helping people just like you experience the magnificent improvements that they’d always wished for.

Order the book here.

Oh— at the end of The 5 AM Club you’ll find details to access a free 66 day online program where I help you lock in the early rising habit for a lifetime. Supercool right?

And finally, please know that a portion of my royalties goes to helping children with leprosy lead better lives. So when you invest in this life-changing book, you’re also doing good for someone in need.

Definitely go ahead and invest in your copy here.

Wishing you only great things and I hope all this helps you.



P.S. Join all the people from around the world who are getting enormous benefits from rising early, by snapping up The 5 AM Club here.

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