Question for you: why don’t we see "being noticeably nice" written into any job descriptions? There’s a ton of stuff about what needs to get done each day in those things but nice is just an accessory it seems. An add on. An afterthought.

But I believe that being nice is the very lifeblood of a world-class business. Being nice to teammates (so they love coming to work each day) attracts and retains superb talent. Being nice to your suppliers (so they go to the wall for you) is great for operations. And being nice to your customers (so they keep coming back) is the best way to grow your community of loyal followers. Nice is what builds enduring businesses. An example if I may.

Went to a local deli yesterday. Felt like some protein and veggies for lunch. I was in an ultra-creative mode and wanted to feed my brain well. I decided on a portion of turkey and a snow pea salad. I ask for what I wanted. The young woman behind the counter (an LWT for sure-Leader Without Title if you’re new to my blog) replied with a smile: "the rule is to sell the turkeys whole but I’m going to go see if I can break the rule for you." A minute later, I had my piece. "I’ll give you the one with the most seasoning-you’ll love it." And on it went. A delicious experience of exceptional customer service. Because she was uncommonly nice.

Guess where I had lunch today? I went back because – like most human beings – I do business with people who treat me well. Who doesn’t want to help the nice ones win? Nice got my loyalty. It got my repeat business. It generated an evangelist. To world-class businesses, nice matters. So JBN. Daily.

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