It’s super early in the morning in St. Petersburg, Russia. I’m in the gym. Paolo Nutini plays into my headphones. The heart beats. And I push.

I also think about the opportunity that sits before you: to live out the rest of your life in a laboratory of heroism.

What I mean to say is that each day, week, month and year offers you the chance to perform, produce and exist in a way that models the virtues we all aspire to. 

Lots of fake leaders in the world today.

Greedy. Selfish. Mean.

Which presents you and I with a gift: to reclaim the higher angels of our greatest talent—and then exemplify that prowess at work and on the streets.

It’s such a paradox: it’s easy to think that an easy life yields deep joyfulness. Yet study the great women and men of the world and you’ll see they all lived hard lives. Lives of struggle and effort and danger...

...and it was their very suffering that later bred internal satisfaction.

...this very path, riddled with hardship, is what made their triumphs.

Anyway, just feeling inspired to serve and alight with positive energy. So I wanted to share these words with you.

So you continue when you’re in doubt, stay confident when you get scared and preserve your hope when conditions want to take you down.

I’m here for you. Now go be great.

Love + respect,


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