Leadership is such a big and beautiful word in my world. It’s not just about playing at wow at work, and positively influencing all you touch and doing your part to build a better world. Leadership is about standing for the best within you and leveraging every hour of every day to present your gifts to those around you. And Leadership also has a lot to do with being great at the game of life. Which brings me to children.

I’ve seen too many people get to the mountaintop of success in the world but get there alone. CEOs have flown their private jets to the city where I live, sat in my office and shared that they are uber-rich. But have nothing. Why, because they never got to know their kids. And now it’s too late.

I viscerally believe you can be BIW (Best in World) in your career/craft and still be brilliant at home. My sense is that the reason why so many hard-driving business titans don’t have great relationships with their children is that – despite what they say – being a great parent just isn’t that important to them. You see, whatever we place our focus on we improve. And we only focus on the things we believe are important. The successful results in our lives deeply reflect the things we value.

I just read about a 14 year old kid who had a fight with his father about using a video game. So he left home that day. He went missing for weeks. His body was found in the woods a couple of days ago. Everyone’s heartbroken.

No kid is perfect. But could I gently suggest that today, you make a commitment to celebrating the best within your children. Make them feel special. Help them stand proud. Show them remarkable affection. And love them like you may never see them again. Today’s all you can count on.

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