As I wrote about in The 5AM Club, everyone alive does the best that they can based on where they're at in terms of their awareness and their understanding of life. And once you realize that, you won't be upset with them - you can begin to forgive them.

So resolve to forgive those who have hurt you [they made you stronger and more noble]. And commit to letting go of what no longer serves you [it got you to here]. Remember that the past was perfect preparation for you to become who you now are and to grow the extraordinary life that you now face the opportunity to create. 

And to do something extremely special for you to help you thrive in these messy times...

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P.S. We're also happy to provide you the transcription at no cost: Hey, it's Robin Sharma. So many members of the majority are pursuing honor from the world. We want applause. We want accolades. We want to fit in, and there's a neurobiological need for that because we're tribal people. And if we strayed from the herd thousands of years ago, we would die. And yet, here we are in the modern world and we are still looking for likes. I suggest to you, there's something much more powerful than the honor of the world, and that's the honor you will receive for yourself. Self-honor. You never want to betray your values. You always want to be loyal to who you truly are. And if you live like that, you're going to find true power versus fake power. I also believe a lot in gratitude and I must express gratitude to all my readers from around the world for making the book, The 5AM Club a worldwide bestseller. Thank you.

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