I’m all about the construction of “Tight-Bubbles of Total Focus” on certain days of the week. On these days, I get lost from the world, go dark and focus monomaniacally on the few projects that will count the most.

When I work, devices are off, no one can reach me and I vanish completely. I retreat to a series of beautiful, light-filled, mess-free sanctuaries where my brain can then drop into “transient hypofrontality”. That’s the scientific term brain researchers use for when your mind waves slow down, a pharmacy of mastery is created within you and the pre-frontal cortex–the brain area where your noisy self-critic lives–becomes silent. Also priceless.

This condition–which you have the power to create under the right environment–is often called “Flow”. It’s the state where your natural genius shows up. Time slows down. You see solutions that were un-evident before. We all have this ability. But with the TV on, the notifications sounding and the distractions happening, only those with an acute understanding of the importance of installing world-class conditions get to capture this state where the creative giants play.

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In The 5AM Club, there's a powerful brain tattoo that says your instinct is more valuable than even your intellect. The great apps, the great businesses, the great pieces of art, the great symphonies, the great movements that have transformed humanity did not come from the neocortex and thinking, thinking, being reasonable. The great pieces of progress that have shaped our civilization came from that deeper place beyond the neocortex, which is the seed of human genius when people followed their instinct.

George Bernard Shaw said, "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in adapting the world to himself." Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. If you are stuck in your reason, your neocortex, then you're just repeating what the world says is possible. I want you to be a possibilitarian, and I want you to start playing around what the world says is impossible. And that comes by finding your Menlo Park, and you're spending a day there alone, and you get your phone on do not disturb, and you maybe don't eat for a few hours, and you allow your natural capability of your brain to offer you these insights that you then take and go out there and use to really lead your field and change the world.

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