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You are in the dream-making profession. Your job is to look at the people who you are blessed to serve; your clients, your customers, the people who put food on your table every night, who allow you and your family to eat and to be ridiculously centered and absolutely obsessed with making their dreams come true.

So, if you look at average producers in business, it's the cash grab. How can I get the most money from as many people as possible? And people feel that, but or the A-player, the titan, the icon, they operate in a totally different league and it's very much about, how can I fulfill the dreams of my clients? If that becomes your dominant focus, you're going to just operate in another worldly way that is going to differentiate you from your peers in your marketplace and it's going to make you an A-player.So, just dial in on that. What is my market? What are the three top dreams of my customers? And how can I through the work that we do and the value that we supply, allow them to really live their dreams? And if you do that, your customers will fall in love with you. I mean, they call it the "Cult of Apple" for reason. 

People line up for days at times, to get that first new device because it's a badge of honor, because people love of certainly under Steve Jobs, there was a Cult of Apple. I encourage you, you develop your following of fanatical fans, across the globe, who love what you do. Who would follow you and your brand and your team to the end of the earth. How do you do that? You really get centered. Not only an intellectual place, but an emotional place. That's where the real game-changing happens, right? When you really feel it. That's how you get the fire in the belly. You really say, "How can I make their dreams come true?" If that becomes your dominant focus, then the product, the poetry, which is my word for work, your poetry goes out there and it just impacts at a deep, deep level.

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