The former First Lady told Oprah that one of her winning routines is rising before the sun and exercising to begin her morning at her best.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also wakes up early as does Starbucks legend Howard Shultz.

If you’ve been following my work for the past two decades you know I’ve been an enthusiastic encourager of joining The 5 AM Club and running my transformational 20/20/20 Formula as a method to electrify your creativity, productivity, prosperity and impact on humanity.

I recently did an interview with Kristina Karlsson, founder of kiki.K and an alumni of my private coaching mastermind IconX that many people found supervaluable.

And so I wanted you to benefit from it as well so you upgrade your performance and escalate your lifestyle.

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All green lights. Own your mornings and you’ll elevate your life.


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