Working on a better Mindset over 2021 while neglecting your Heartset sets up a situation of self-sabotage where your intellect knows what you should do yet your emotional world keeps you limited.

To help you embrace the idea even more fully, I recorded this quick podcast episode before a nature walk.

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Mindset is not everything; Heartset is the other 50%. Heartset, as I've suggested, is your emotional life. You see, you can have a great psychology, a strong mindset, but if your emotional life is full of pain; if your emotional life is full of resentment; if you haven't processed through old heartbreak; if you are full of latent, dormant anger, well, then you have what I call, and this is really important so write this down, you have this invisible subconscious field of hurt suppressed deep within you. So you are trying to optimize your Mindset by reading the books and being around positive people, and seeing the blessing amidst difficulty, and doing all the things that you're encouraged to do, but you're not dealing with the second piece, which is your Heartset.

So you've got this field of hurt that is suppressed deep within your subconscious so you don't even know about it. Now, this is really important that field of toxicity, that field of hurt, that old pain, that old anger, that old frustration from all the things that you've experienced in a human life that hurts you, it's invisible, and yet the people around you are feeling it. It's creating self-sabotage because your psych ology is saying, "Go out and be legendary," and yet this invisible field of hurt is saying, "I'm sad. I'm angry. I'm not enough." There's all this self-hatred. So this is the missing link to personal transformation because we get it intellectually in terms of our Mindset. We know what we need to do to be exponentially creative, productive, elite performers, to have life full of prosperity, but we get it in the head and we miss it in the heart because society does not teach us how to purify our Heartsets.

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